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Comprehensive review of Adonia Bronzing Glow. See what the experts and actual users have to say about this self tanning product.

Adonia Bronzing GlowProduct Name:  Adonia Bronzing Glow

Overall Rating:  5stars

Product Type:  Mist, Spray

Size:  3 ounces

Price:  $39.00

Cost Per Ounce:  $13.00

Where To Buy:  Click here

Top 10 Ingredients:  Water, Ethoxydiglycol, Dihydroxyacetone, Isopropyl Alcohol, Troxerutin, Glycerin, Citrus Bergamia Leaf Oil (Organbic Bergamot Oil), Citrus Aurantium Flower Oil, Eugenia Caryophyllus Flower Oil (Organic Clove Oil)

Overall Opinion:

Overall, Adonia Bronzing Glow is our top pick among self tanners you can buy and use at home.

This product has quality ingredients, produces nice, long-lasting color, smells great, is easy to apply and dries quickly.

The only downsides we noticed are a steep price tag and a bottle that’s only going to get you 2-3 applications (if you’re lucky).

But even though it’s very expensive compared to most other self tanners, the results we got with this product were truly outstanding.

Detailed Review:

Look and Feel

Adonia Bronzing Glow is a brown-colored, liquid self tanning mist.  Because it’s a liquid and not a lotion, it comes with certain advantages and disadvantages that we’ll discuss below…


In our opinion, this product is very easy to apply.  You just spray it on, and then blend it in with your hands.  And because it’s light, you really don’t have to work hard at ‘rubbing it in’ like you do with some other products.

Now keep in mind that it does dry quickly, so you’ve got keep moving once you spray it onto a certain area.  But that shouldn’t be a problem for most people.

Although Adonia Bronzing Glow applies quickly and easily, there are three things you need to be aware of.

First, because this product is colored, it’s essential that you wear latex gloves or use a tanning mitt when applying this product.  If you don’t, you will DEFINITELY end up with the dreaded orange palms!  This product dries quickly and is very concentrated– so be careful with your feet and hands.

Second, you need to watch out if this product ‘drips’ on you during application.  If it does, immediately blend it in or wipe it off.  If you don’t, you’ll wake up the next morning with a big dark streak right where it dripped on you.

Third, be sure to lay down a towel on the floor where you’re applying this product.  If the tiny particles get on tile or any hard surface, and you setp on them, you’ll end up with a dark orange color on the soles of your feet!   Trust us, you don’t want that :)

Drying Time

One of the great benefits of using Adonia Bronzing Glow is the fact that it dries EXTREMELY quickly.  It’s one of the fastest drying self tanners we’ve ever tested.

Virtually every self tanner claims to dry within a few minutes, but that’s usually baloney.  This one actually does.

You can apply this at night before you go to bed, and NOT put down towels to keep your bed sheets from turning brown.  It seriously dries that quickly.

Smell (Before Application)

Right out of the bottle, Adonia Bronzing Glow is one of the best smelling self tanners on the market today.  It has a light, almost flowery smell (but not overpowering).

If you look at the ingredient list, you’ll see a lot of essential oils derived from flowers and herbs.  We’re pretty sure that’s why it smells so good.

In fact, this is one of the few products that doesn’t add any ‘fragrance’ to their product.  The nice smell legitimately comes from the organic ingredients they’ve added to the solution.

Smell (After Several Hours And The Next Day)

Once this product had a chance to do it’s thing for 8 hours, we noticed the smell was virtually non-existent.  That’s considered a good thing as many self tanners smell ok when you put them on, but then stink the next morning.  In that regard, Adonia Bronzing Glow isn’t too bad.

Color Produced

The color this product produced was very good.  It was an above average shade of bronze, which is what most people are after.  If you’re extremely fair-skinned, the color might be a bit darker than what you want, but most people will like it.

We didn’t notice any orange coloring whatsoever, nor did we see any streaking or uneven color.  This product produced very smooth and very even color.

How Long It Lasts

The tan we got from Adonia Bronzing Glow lasted slightly longer than your average self tanner.

It started to fade after about 4-5 days, which isn’t too bad.

As far as the fading, this one came off very similar to many other self tanners.  We didn’t experience any crazy blotchiness or anything like that.  Like most self tanners, you’ll need to apply this one at least once a week, approximately 5-7 days for most people.

OK For Men?

The color from this one is dark, which some guys will like.  But it can be a little messy applying it, which some won’t like.  The smell may be a little too girly for many guys as well.


At $39 for a 3 oz bottle, Adonia Bronzing Glow is one of the more expensive self tanning products on the market today.  That comes out to a whopping $13 an ounce, which is definitely high.

If you’re going to use this over your entire body, one bottle is only going to give you about 3-4 applications.

The high price tag with this product will keep many people from trying it, which is a shame.

Where To Buy

To buy Adonia Bronzing Glow, click here.

Adonia Bronzing Glow:  Summary

Factor Adonia Bronzing Glow
Overall Rating 5stars
Look and Feel Liquid brown-colored mist
Application Easy to apply, comes out as a mist.  Be careful around feet and hands!
Drying Time Dries extremely quickly, one of the fastest out there
Smell (Before) Organic oils make it smell great, very light and flowery
Smell (After) Smell mostly disappears after application– a good thing
Color Produced Produces a nice dark bronze color, great for most people
How Long It Lasts Lasts 5-6 days, which isn’t too bad. Will need to apply at least once a week
OK For Men? Color is dark, which many will like.  But smells a little girly, which some won’t
Price Very expensive.  $39 a bottle works out to $13 an ounce– ouch!
Where To Buy Click here

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