Is 3-D Tanning The New Contour?

3-D TanningContouring is all the rage and for good reason.

If you haven’t tried it yet, it can literally be a miracle worker.

You can contour with your favorite self tanner or with makeup and bronzers.

Want your cheekbones to pop with a dewy glow?


Want your abs to looked defined and rock solid?


Want sexy, strong legs for mini skirts and bathing suits?


Want to increase the look of your bust line?


I think you get the picture now. : )

But What Is 3-D Tanning And How Does It Relate To Contouring?

We have the Kardashians to thank, once again.

Or more specifically it’s their ridiculously talented makeup artist, Joyce Bonelli.

Joyce has been on board making the Kardashians picture perfect since she met Kim in 2005 during a photo shoot.

Joyce is behind the entire sum of clever makeup tips that the Kardashians use and that you may or may not be guilty of Googling.

Those smoky eyes, luminescent cheeks, perfect complexion, and plump lips are to die for – we totally get it and our guilty ourselves! *Slowly puts down lip liner and fullips lip enhancing tool

Realistically, 3-D tanning takes about 3 hours to complete so unless you’re among the super famous or have 3 hours to kill, it probably won’t work as a daily go-to.

Nonetheless, it has us all very intrigued!

Joyce reveals that her favorite technique to give Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney their signature, insanely sculpted contours is a 3-step “3-D tanning” process.

To get the job done, she uses a collection of self tanning products (yep, not just one!)

Joyce uses a 1-hour self tanning mousse to cover the entire face and enhance tone and color.  (If you leave it on for 3 hours you get a deep tan, if you leave it on for 1 hour you end up with a light glow.)

She then uses bronzing gel and applies it to the face with a foundation makeup brush.

By applying it to the areas where the sun naturally touches such as the cheekbones, along the hairline, and the bridge of the nose, it gives a radiant sun-kissed glow.

To finish off this 3-D tan, Joyce applies dry body oil that has a slight shimmer to it, to their temples, cheekbones, and collarbones.

The final product is an incredibly radiant glow that shows sculpted definition and ravishing silhouettes.

Not So Fast 3-D Tanning…Contour Is Still King

The stunning results from the new 3-D tanning trend are undeniable.

If only we had a personal Joyce Bonelli in our pockets to beatify us each day.

I wonder if she helps remove all the make up, too?  That might tack on another 2 hours and a pretty penny.

Any who, 3-D tanning isn’t replacing contouring just yet.

Contouring with self tanner is one of your best bets for a sculpted glow.

If you need tips on how to contour the right way, check out our article here.

Whether you’re contouring or not, a great self tanner is definitely needed to enhance the look of your skin.

Find your perfect glow from our list of the 10 best self tanners.

Now get out there and show off that radiant skin that even Kim would be jealous of!


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