6 Reasons Why Celebrities Use Self Tanning Products

You’ve probably noticed that every time you see someone famous on TV, whether in a movie, walking the red carpet, doing a modeling shoot or reading the news, they usually have one thing in common…

A great looking tan.  And in most cases, a tan that usually comes from a self tanning product of some kind.

But have you ever asked yourself, why?

Why do people, both men and women, who are paid a lot of money to look good, usually have the look of a great sunless tan?

Well if you’ve ever wondered that you’re in luck!

Here are the 6 reasons why so many celebrities, models, actors and everyday people use self tanning products on a regular basis:

1.  A Self Tan Makes You Look Healthier

It’s no secret that having a little color makes you look healthier then when you’re starkly pale.  It’s also no secret that wrinkles, age spots and skin cancer DO NOT look all that great on most people.

So that’s why so many celebrities have turned to self tanning products.

They can get a great looking tan, and all the benefits that go with it, without exposing their skin to the harmful effects of the sun or tanning beds.

It’s the best of both worlds!

2.  Self Tanners Make You Look Thinner

I’m not sure why this one is true exactly, but studies have shown that a tan tricks the eye into thinking a person is thinner than they actually are.  I guess it’s the same principle at play when people wear black clothes to try to make themselves look thinner.

Not many people know this, but that’s why a lot of celebrities and those on TV add some color to their skin when they know they’re going to be on camera.

It makes them look thinner, plain and simple.

3.  A Self Tan Can Help Conceal Skin Imperfections

Have you ever noticed how newscasters nowadays seem to be extremely tan?  Especially if they work for a network that films in HD?

That’s because a tan, like makeup, will help cover up some of the imperfections in their skin (that we ALL have)!

Self tanners are wonderful for this because they don’t add to these imperfections the way the sun and a tanning bed does.

4.  Using Self Tanning Products Is Much Safer Than The Sun and Tanning Beds

This one’s a no-brainer.

Smart celebrities know that their looks are crucial to their jobs.  So they tend to avoid things that will destroy their skin and could give them skin cancer.  That rules out too much time in the sun, and certainly rules out the use of tanning beds.

So to keep that healthy tan glow, celebrities have flocked to self tanning products in droves.  Some do spray tanning, some use self tanning lotions, gels, mousses, and creams at home.

But regardless of what they use, self tanning products are now the #1 choice of most celebrities when it comes to tanning.

5.  Self Tanning Products Are Easy To Use

Recent advances in the self tanning industry have made these products extremely easy to use.  The formulas have gotten better, the manufacturing processes have gotten better, and the results you get have gotten better.

Long gone are the days of orange color, streaks and that awful smell!  And most products dry within a few minutes.

6.  Self Tanning Products Make You Look Sexier!

For all the reasons we’ve discussed so far, this is probably the biggest.  Having a bit of color can make you look more attractive to the opposite sex.  If you don’t believe that, tune into the next Victoria’s Secret Fashion show and see if the models are tan.

Or check out Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson, Kim Kardashian or Victoria Beckham (or David Beckham) the next time you open a magazine.

Or when you’re at the movies, see if Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, or George Clooney look tan.

Now does that mean a person can’t look great if they’re not tan.  Of course not.  I know of plenty of celebrities, models and actors who look great pale.

But for most people, having a little color in the form of a tan will make them look sexier.  Trust me on that!


So there you have it.

Those are 6 of the big reasons why so many celebrities are now using self tanning products.

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