9 Classic Problems For Everyone Who Self Tans

self-tanner blundersWhether you’re a seasoned champ or just recently trying out the wonders of self tanning, there are a few issues we all face.

While all of these are easily overcome with time and experience, they are things you need to watch out for.

So here’s our list of common self tanning blunders…

1. Smelling Like DHA

There’s nothing more distinct than the smell of DHA in the morning (or evening or night).

If it’s not DHA then it might be covered up with potent aromas that can have your friends and family running for the hills.

2. The Fierce Prep Work

A great self tanner is nothing without thorough prep.

Exfoliate, shave, shower, and dry off every last drop of water.

Your soft, pale, naked body is now ready for its faux tan.

3. The Application

The goal is to leave the bathroom without it looking like a crime scene.

Towels are methodically placed about but there are always ones that must be sacrificed for the good of the tan.

There’s also nothing like being butt naked and freezing while applying self tanner.

4. The Wait

Now that you have applied your self tanner, it’s time to wait.

This is when you strut naked around your house for 30+ minutes, wondering why you skipped the gym for the 3rd month in a row.

Or you can make a picnic on your floor and watch TV while your tan decides to dry.

This is also a good time to ponder your life’s choices thus far or methodically apply a fluorescent nail polish color, all while standing like the Statue of Liberty.

5. Hydrophobic Tendencies

Water is now the enemy for 7+ hours.

There’s also no working out or sweating of any kind.

Don’t even think about putting eye drops in because somehow it’ll end up ruining your tan.

Water droplet tans are quite artistic but not cute.

6. Dressing For Bed

Forget the cute Victoria’s Secret PJs, it’s time to bust out the NFL sized pajama pants and shirt.

That self tanner needs to breathe!

Not to mention your body is like the back of a sticky note, ready to cling to anything.

7. RIP White Sheets

Remember those crisp, 1000 thread count, Egyptian cotton sheets?

They now have a remarkably accurate outline of your body on them.

Tanned body, of course.

8. The Morning After

The excitement and sheer terror when you wake up wondering what the results will be.

Slowly checking each body part as if you were in danger of losing them during the night.

9. The Big Giveaways

Hands, feet, knees, elbows, and eyebrows.

You curse them as they inconsiderately blow your cover.

After all, didn’t you spend the last week in the Bahamas?

No one would know if it weren’t for those pesky areas.

Be sure to use moisturizer before applying to these areas and use a little less product than other parts of your body.

A Final Note…

I’m sure you can all relate to these blunders or even add a handful more yourself.

The lengths we go to to look our best… sometimes all you can do is laugh.

The other thing you can do is use the right self tanner.

A lot of these problems can be avoided or drastically reduced if you start out with a great self tanner.

For that, check out our list of the 10 best self tanners and find your perfect glow!

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