5 of the Best Celebrity Self Tans at the Golden Globes!

We all know having a self tan is the best thing ever!

Just ask any celeb, model, pageant princess or girl with a hot date on a Friday night.

So in honor of the self tan, we’ve picked out 5 of the best we saw at the recent Golden Globes award ceremony.

Heidi Klum

Heidi KlumHeidi would look unbelievable wearing a paper sack and without taking a shower.  This year at the Golden Globes she wowed in a gorgeous Grecian inspired red dress with bright red Old Hollywood lips to match.

It was like she stepped out of the past… in a good way!  The gorgeous bronze color of her skin looked stunning in contrast with her perfectly-coifed blond hair.

Alessandra Ambrosio

Alessandra AmbosioShe is impossibly beautiful and totally ethereal as a Victoria’s Secret Angel and she knows a thing or two about how to look great at an event.

She makes an entrance on a cat walk and on the red carpet.

And the Golden Globes were no exception…

Her sexy, sheer burgundy gown and stunning dark hair were only made more elegant and sexy by her subtle tan which she certainly achieved with self tanner.

Kate Beckinsale

Kate BeckinsaleKate is the epitome or glamour, beauty and class.

Everywhere she goes, she stops the show.

The Golden Globes this year were no exception as she sported a neutral, yet sparkly, gown that was equal parts sexy and sophisticated.

She always seems to have a perfect self tan!

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer AnistonJennifer Aniston never looks bad.  No, seriously… does she ever look bad?  But, why don’t women hate her?

There’s something down to Earth and humble about her that makes her every bit as loveable as she is sexy and jaw-dropping.

It’s in her not trying, that she becomes even more irresistible and gorgeous.

She looked simple, stunning and oh-so sophisticated in her gorgeous black gown and her beautiful, golden skin was show-stopping.

Khloe Kardashian

Khloe KardashianKhloe Kardashian is a statuesque beauty with curves and sex appeal that just beg to be noticed.

Her sexy, full lips, long honey colored hair and downright bodacious booty are hard to miss.

At the Golden Globes, she wowed in a gorgeous black dress.  Her tanned skin offset her sun-kissed hair in a way that just screamed “California Girl!”

So, what have we learned?

Self tanner makes everyone look better!

Even those amazing women that you thought couldn’t possibly get any sexier, look even more phenomenal when they have a little bit of a self tan to accentuate their beauty.

To see our list of the best self tanners this year, be sure to click here.

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