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Comprehensive review of Bioderma Moisturizing Tanning Spray. See what real experts and actual users have to say about this self tanning product.

Bioderma Moisturizing Tanning Spray ReviewProduct Name:  Bioderma Moisturizing Tanning Spray

Overall Rating:  Self Tanning Rating 1.5/5

Product Type:  Spray

Size:  5 oz

Price:  $19.90

Cost Per Ounce:  $3.98

Where To Buy:  Click Here


Overall Opinion:

This self tanner unfortunately fell short in my eyes,so I gave it 1.5 out of 5 stars.

There isn’t much I like about this spray.

First, it smells SO strongly of perfume, and not a good perfume.  It’s more like an overpowering, old lady scent.

Also, the color this spray produces is SO light.  It’s definitely a gradual self tanner.  The tan I got was about one shade darker than my normal skin tone, and it had a yellow hue to it.  So it didn’t look very natural.  I even had a few streaky spots, which I was upset about.

My tan only lasted 2 days before it was completely faded away, but since I wasn’t a fan of my tan, I didn’t really mind.

The one good thing is the price point isn’t bad; it’s pretty average.

So overall, I was disappointed in this self tanning spray.

Detailed Opinion:

Look and Feel

This self tanner is in the form of an aerosol spray.  The spray itself is clear, there’s no color guide in it.

It comes out with a thick, heavy mist that covers a good amount of skin at once.


This is a spray, so to apply you hold the bottle 20 cm from your skin and spray on.  As far as sprays go, this one is pretty easy to apply.  It covered my body areas nicely, although I still went back and blended in with a tanning mitt.  I just wanted to make double sure that it was applied evenly.

There’s no color guide, so you can’t see where you’re spraying it.  So make sure to apply slowly, so you can cover all areas.

A good amount of product falls to the ground when I apply it, so I recommend applying in the shower, so you can just run it when you’re finished.

Drying Time

Once applied, Bioderma Moisturizing Tanning Spray dried in about 20 minutes.

I didn’t feel too sticky (a little) as it dried, so that was good.

Smell (Before Application)

In my opinion, this one smells really bad.

It has a very strong perfume scent.   The smell is overwhelming and I personally don’t like the perfume scent.  It smells like a bad perfume or one my grandma would wear.

The perfume scent was so strong that it did a good job covering up the DHA smell, however.

Smell (After Several Hours And The Next Day)

By the next morning, I could smell a little of the perfume scent, mixed with some DHA.

Color Produced

Bioderma Moisturizing Tanning Spray left a lot to be desired in the color department.

It ended up giving me a light tan, which was about 1 shade darker.  The extremely light tan I got was a yellow hue and didn’t even look natural.

This is definitely a gradual self tanner, and I think you’ll need to apply it about 5 days in a row to see any real (medium) noticeable color.

My tan also had a few streaks, which sucked.

Overall, I’m not impressed with the color this one gives.

How Long It Lasts

My tan lasted 2 days.  I wasn’t that surprised considering how light my tan was.

OK For Men?

Nope, I don’t think men will like it.  It smells bad (super girly), and the color just isn’t up to par.


Bioderma Moisturizing Tanning Spray is $19.90 per bottle.  That works out to $3.98 per ounce, which is an average price point.

Where To Buy

To buy Bioderma Moisturizing Tanning Spray, Click Here.

Bioderma Moisturizing Tanning Spray: Summary

Factor Bioderma Moisturizing Tanning Spray
Overall Rating Self Tanning Rating 1.5/5
Look and Feel This is a clear aerosol spray.
Application Applying is easy, although product gets all over.
Drying Time It took around 20 minutes to dry.
Smell (Before) Smells very strongly of perfume; I don’t care for the smell.
Smell (After) Could still smell perfume the next day.
Color Produced I had a light, yellow tan.
How Long It Lasts It faded after 2 days.
OK For Men? Nope
Price It’s $19.90 per ounce, pretty average.
Where To Buy Click Here

Bioderma Moisturizing Tanning Spray Review

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