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Comprehensive review of Bronze Botanical Self Tanning Mousse. See what real experts and actual users have to say about this self tanning product.

Bronze Botanicals Self Tanning Mousse ReviewProduct Name:  Bronze Botanicals Self Tanning Mousse

Overall Rating:  Self Tanning Rating 1.75/5

Product Type:  Mousse

Size:  7 oz

Price:  $39.00

Cost Per Ounce:  $5.57

Where To Buy:  Click Here

Top 10 Ingredients:  Aqua, Cetyl Alcohol, Stearic Acid, Glyceryl Stearate, Prunus Armeniaca Kernel Oil, Simmondsia Chinensis, Seed Oil, Dihydroxyacetone, Glycerin, Dimethicone

Overall Opinion:

I ended up giving Bronze Botanicals Self Tanning Mousse 1.75 out of 5 stars.  So it really fell short in my opinion.

I was really excited to try this one, because I like that it’s gluten free, all natural, cruelty free and has no parabens.  But I was really let down by the application and the results.

This mousse has a dark guide, and because of that it stained my sheets and made applying it rather difficult. Using a tanning mitt with this one is an absolute must!

The color I got was super light, and not natural looking at all.  I had splotches all over my body, and my skin turned so dry due to this product.  I don’t know what it has in it that’s so drying, but my skin was flaky and looked SO like a road map.

It claims to have no smell, but I still smelled some DHA in there.

The drying time isn’t bad and the price is ok, but if you ask me, there are way better tanners out there.

Detailed Opinion:

Look and Feel

Bronze Botanicals Self Tanning Mousse comes out as a brown, bubbly mousse.

The mousse isn’t watery, which is nice.  But it does have a dark brown guide, which makes it a bit messy.


Make sure to wear a tanning mitt when applying this one; it really helps with the mess.

This mousse has a dark guide in it, so it will stain anything it touches.

This one was pretty messy to apply.  It isn’t watery, but the mousse is on the thinner side so a little bit dripped on the top of my feet as I was applying it.  The dark guide then caused those drops to stain the tops of my feet, which was really annoying.

It didn’t take long to blend in at all; my skin seemed to soak it up.

But, be very careful while applying this one because it will stain your clothes and towels.

When I woke up the next morning I saw some product on my sheets, which is a huge negative in my book.

Drying Time

This mousse dried in about 15-20 minutes, which is pretty typical for a mousse.

I didn’t feel sticky while I waited for it to dry which was nice.

I had to be very careful not to stain my clothes though!

Smell (Before Application)

Bronze Botanicals claims to have no smell, but it actually has a light DHA smell.

I saw they included citric acid in the product, so maybe that was their attempt to cover up the DHA smell?

I’m not really sure why they advertise it as having no smell, cause I could definitely smell DHA.

The DHA smell wasn’t very overpowering, but it was definitely there.

Smell (After Several Hours And The Next Day)

When I woke up the next morning I couldn’t smell anything at all.

I was glad the DHA smell had completely faded away.

Color Produced

I was really unhappy with the tan I got from Bronze Botanical Self Tanning Mouse.

First, my tan was really splotchy and uneven…especially on my legs.

Second, the color wasn’t near dark enough for my liking.  My tan was a light shade and it looked a little orange.

Third, this product really dried my skin out!  I don’t know what’s in it that caused my skin to become so dry, but it wasn’t pretty.  I had dry patches of skin all over and that caused my tan to look even splotchier then it already was.

It sucks because this product is all natural, cruelty free, gluten free, paraben free, etc…which I REALLY like.

But the product just didn’t produce a nice tan; I was actually trying to scrub it off the day after I applied it!

How Long It Lasts

Well, this one was so light that it only lasted 1-2 days before it started to fade.

As it faded my tan became so scaly, I looked like a reptile woman.

OK For Men?


It’s so drying to your skin, the color isn’t nice, and it stains.


Bronze Botanical Self Tanning Mousse works out to $5.57 per ounce, which is a little above average.

The price isn’t TOO bad, but I wouldn’t waste my money on this one.

Where To Buy

To buy Bronze Botanicals Self Tanning Mousse, Click Here.

Bronze Botanicals Self Tanning Mousse:  Summary

Factor Bronze Botanicals Self Tanning Mousse
Overall Rating Self Tanning Rating 1.75/5
Look and Feel This is a mousse with a dark brown guide.
Application Applying can be messy, because this product stains!
Drying Time It dried in about 15-20 minutes.
Smell (Before) Smells a little of DHA even though they claim it has no scent.
Smell (After) I couldn’t smell anything when I woke up the next morning.
Color Produced My tan was very light, splotchy, and dried my skin out!
How Long It Lasts It only lasted 1-2 days before it started fading and becoming scaly.
OK For Men? Nope, I think men should steer clear of this one.
Price It’s $5.57 per ounce, which is a little more than average.
Where To Buy Click Here

Bronze Botanicals Self Tanning Mousse Review

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