Does It Really Matter What A Self Tanner Looks Like?

Deciding on self tannerAs anyone knows who’s ever used a self tanner, they come in a lot of different colors right out of the bottle or tube.

Most self tanners these days seem to be one of three different colors– white, clear, or some shade of brown.

So what we wanted to know was…

“Does a self tanning product’s color this have any affect on how it works?”

Since all we do here at is test and review self tanning products, we have some insights into this very important matter :)

First, the color of the lotion, cream, spray or gel out of the bottle has virtually no impact on what color tan you’ll eventually get from it.

We’ve seen clear gels make people much darker tan than real dark brown lotions.

When it comes to the tan color you’ll develop from any self tanning product, what really matters are the ingredients and the formula, not the color of the lotion.

Second, it’s very hard to judge the quality of a these products by how they look.

Sure, you may like self tanners that are ‘pretty’ but overall that has very little impact on how well they work.

Third, the color of a self tanning product will usually tell you if you need to wear latex gloves or use a tanning mitt when you’re applying it.

Self tanners are notorious for turning palms orange.  As such, it’s imperative that you wash your hands after applying them.

But even beyond that, if you’re applying a product that is dark brown, you’ll probably need to cover your hands with something.

Otherwise, by the time you’re done applying, your palms will already be orange!  That doesn’t usually happen with white, clear or light brown colored products.

The Verdict On Self Tanner Color

The color of self tanning products right out of the bottle or tube doesn’t really tell you much about the color it’ll produce on your skin or how good the product is.

What it really tells you is how well you need to protect your hands so they don’t turn orange!

What do you think about that?  Any there any particular self tanners you love the color of?

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