Exfoliate: How To Prep For Your Perfect Self Tan

Exfoliate: How To Prep For Your Perfect Self TanApplying your sunless tanning product isn’t the most important part in the steps to a perfect self tan.

In fact… the most important step happens right before that, and it happens in the shower.

I’m talking about EXFOLIATION!

You wouldn’t put your clothes in the washer without checking your pockets, or load the dishwasher without scrubbing.  And you definitely wouldn’t leave your wallet at home on your first date- so why would you apply self tanner without exfoliating your skin first?

Okay, maybe your phone’s only been through a rinse cycle once, and that stain on your dishes is probably permanent, and I’m sure it wouldn’t have worked out anyways had she not been forced to pay for dinner.

And if you haven’t been exfoliating before you apply your self tanner, you’re not alone.

So what is exfoliation and why is it important for self tanning?

It’s the removal of dead skin cells that reveal the younger and newer skin underneath.  Exfoliating the skin unclogs pores, cleans the skin, and reduces breakouts from appearing.  Exfoliating before you apply your tanner will ensure an even and longer-lasting tan.  It’ll also get rid of older self tanner that may still be on your skin.

If you go to a local body shop store you will find aisle after aisle of different exfoliation products.  They come in all different types and smells.  The most common exfoliates are either salt-based, rice-based, or sugar-based.  It’s really about  just finding what works best for you.

Beware though:  Some are made with oil, and although getting out of the shower your skin will feel extra hydrated, it may leave your skin greasy which doesn’t make for a good self tanning canvas.

So, look for a product that will leave your skin smooth and DRY.  If you’re more of a “do it yourselfer” you could use warm water and baking soda to create a paste for your entire body, it’s all natural and none-abrasive.

Or, you can pick yourself up a loofah or exfoliating glove from the drug store.  Both of these shower accessories will work in conjunction with soft soap while using medium scrub pressure.  A hard soap will leave that film feel on your skin and won’t give you a good canvas for the self tanner.

Exfoliating before you apply your self tanning product will also help even out those “problem areas”.  Pay special attention to your soles, ankles, heels, elbows, knuckles, and knees.  These regions are dry areas and lose skin cells very quickly.

It’s really good for your skin to exfoliate, regardless if you use self tanner or not, and is recommended at least once every two weeks.

So do you want your tan to look darker, stay longer, and appear smoother?

Then don’t wait… EXFOLIATE!

Do you exfoliate before you apply sunless tanner?  What product works best for you?  Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

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