How To Contour With Self Tanner

Self Tan Contour

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley contours perfectly whenever she hits the red carpet!

If you haven’t noticed by now, contouring is all the rage.

Celebrities take the cake for making this technique the new, must-do trend (thanks Kim K, we owe you one!)

It’s their secret weapon for instantly looking slimmer and creating a dewy, irresistible glow.

Contouring can also create the illusion of ridiculously high cheekbones or definition that one may not naturally possess.

It all started with the face, highlighting and accenting all your best features.

With a little sleight of hand and a variation of dark and light makeup, magic can happen.

The trend started expanding and it now is used to accentuate feminine collarbones or create an ample bust line.

It didn’t stop there though; you can actually contour your entire body.

Anyone care for washboard abs, toned arms, defined legs, and a lifted booty?

Set down the makeup everyone because this can all be done with self tanners!

Here’s how and where to apply self tanner to create a bangin’ contoured bod.

Toned Arms

To find the perfect area to apply the self tanner on your arms, simply point your index finger down to the floor.

Look in the mirror at the back of your arm and you will see your flexed triceps.

We can make them pop!

Grab a medium-sized makeup brush (preferably one you don’t really use) and dip it into your self tanner.

Continue to point your finger down and trace along the natural definition of your triceps.

Repeat on your other arm and then relax.

Apply a bit more self tanner to your brush and now you’re going to flex your biceps.

Do this by raising your elbows and clenching your fist.

Notice in the middle of your arm, where the muscle slightly dips in, is the shape of a half-moon.

Take your dipped makeup brush and trace that half-moon shape on your biceps.

Now when you’re not actively flexing your guns, they will appear defined and firm.

Defined Stomach

Dip your makeup brush or a cotton ball into your self tanner and trace a line from the middle of your cleavage down to your belly button.

Now draw a parenthesis shape on both sides of your belly button, beginning at your rib cage down to your hipbones.

Repeat this process a few times; slightly overlapping the lines you make each time.

This will create an hourglass shape and naturally create a defining shadow on your new found abs.

Lifted Booty

We’re going to keep with the parenthesis method that we used for defining the stomach.

Dip your makeup brush with self tanner and trace parentheses on the lower, outer portion of your derriere.

Make sure to keep the top and center of you bum a lighter color.

This will create the illusion of a lifted, tighter booty.

Sexy Legs

While facing the mirror, lift one leg slightly up to expose the natural muscle definition of your inner thigh.

Apply the self tanner along that natural line only.

We want to keep the very fronts and backs of your legs lighter in color.

Now flex and point your toes.

Apply the self tanner to the outer portion of your thighs, from the bottom of your booty to the muscle right above your knee.

While still pointing your toes, trace a line along the outside of your lower leg.

This goes from slightly above your ankle to a few inches below your knee.

These inner and outer lines will give your legs a killer contoured look and make your legs look as good as when wearing your favorite 6-inch stilettos.

Apply Your Knowledge

Toned arms, defined abs, sexy legs and a lifted booty are all right around the corner.

With your new found contour knowledge, it’s time to put it to the test.

If you need suggestions for a self tanner to begin your contouring ventures or just want an all-over sun kissed glow, check out our top 10 best self tanners.

Contour on– my beautiful, bronzed friends!

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