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Comprehensive review of Skinny Tan Body Mousse. See what real experts and actual users have to say about this self tanning product.

Skinny Tan Body Mousse ReviewProduct Name:  Skinny Tan Body Mousse

Overall Rating:  Self Tanning Rating 2/5

Product Type:  Mousse

Size:  5.07 oz

Price:  $39.95, after shipping it jumps to $47.95

Cost Per Ounce:  $7.88

Where To Buy:  Click Here

Top 10 Ingredients:  Aqua, Dihydroxyacetone, (Certified Natural), Aloe Barbadensis (Organic Aloe Vera) leaf juice, Glycerin, Ethoxydiglycol, Paullinia, cupana (Guarana) seed extract, Erythrulose (Certified Natural), Cocos nucifera (Organic Coconut) oil, Dimethicone, D-Panthenol (Vitamin B5)

Overall Opinion:

I gave Skinny Tan Body Mousse 2 out of 5 stars.

I was really excited to try Skinny Tan Body Mousse.  I’ve been eyeing it for years and they finally started shipping to the USA!  My excitement lasted until I saw the price tag, almost $50 including shipping to the US.  Yikes.

Despite the high price tag, I was still excited to try a self tanner that supposedly helps to rid of cellulite as well.

The application process was fine, the smell was bad but I dealt with it.  The drying time sucks, and the product is sticky while you wait for it to dry, ew.

After showering off the guide the following morning, my tan was so streaky.  I was actually surprised with how streaky and uneven my tan looked.  I haven’t had a self tanner streak like this in a while.

It sucked because the tan was a pretty nice, medium to dark shade.  But I definitely won’t be using this one again because it turned out so poorly.

I also didn’t see any difference in my cellulite…boo.

So, overall I don’t think this product is worth all the hype and I gave it 2 out of 5 stars.

Detailed Opinion:

Look and Feel

Skinny Tan Body Mousse comes out as a foamy, fluffy mousse.

The mousse is brown in color, so it has a color guide in it that’s very visible.


The airy texture and the color guide make this mousse very easy to apply.

It’s easy to blend in, and it went on smoothly.

I found it did kind of stick to my drier areas more than normal, however.

I would definitely use a tanning mitt while applying this one to make application easier and to protect your palms for the color guide/DHA.

Drying Time

After applying this one, it was pretty sticky.

I found the product took about 45 minutes to dry, which is a lot longer than I would’ve liked.

I was pretty disappointed in this ones drying time.

Smell (Before Application)

Skinny Tan Body Mousse claims to smell like coconut.

I could smell hints of coconut, but overall this mousse didn’t smell very good.

It smelled very strongly like self tanner.

I don’t think they had enough coconut scent in there to cover up the DHA which is unfortunate.

Smell (After Several Hours And The Next Day)

The next morning, I smelled like DHA.

I wasn’t impressed with the smell at all.

Color Produced

I got a brown medium to dark tan from this one.

Sounds great, right?  Wrong.  I was SO streaky.

I applied the product evenly, so I know I didn’t miss any spots.  I think the product just took so long to dry that it became streaky after I put my clothes on.

I haven’t had results this streaky in a long time.

The color was very nice, and it was just as claimed, a medium to dark tan.  But the streaking was a huge drawback for me, and the biggest reason I won’t use this self tanner again.

You could definitely tell I used a self tanner because my legs and body weren’t smooth looking at all.

It has caffeine and guarana in it that claim to help get rid of cellulite.

Unfortunately, I didn’t see any improvement in my cellulite from this self tanner either.

How Long It Lasts

The website says your tan will last up to 14 days….what a joke.

I have yet to find any self tanner that lasts that long.  That’s just a ridiculous claim to make in my opinion.

This one lasted about 5 days before fading.   The streaks were still there as it faded, but thankfully they didn’t become any worse than they were originally.

OK For Men?

No.  I think this one is way too expensive for the streaky, unnatural tan you get.  There are other mousses out there that give better tans at a lower price point.


Skinny Tan Body Mousse is $48 after you factor in shipping to the USA.  Holy moly that’s expensive.

Where To Buy

To buy Skinny Tan Body Mousse, Click Here.

Skinny Tan Body Mousse: Summary

Factor Skinny Tan Body Mousse
Overall Rating Self Tanning Rating 2/5
Look and Feel This is a fluffy, brown mousse.
Application Applying is simple and it blends in nicely.
Drying Time It dried in about 45 minutes, and it was sticky.
Smell (Before) Smells bad, like self tanner.
Smell (After) I smelled like DHA in the morning.
Color Produced My tan was so streaky and unnatural looking.
How Long It Lasts It lasted around 5 days.
OK For Men? No, I think it’s expensive for a sub-par product.
Price It’s $7.88 per ounce.
Where To Buy Click Here

Skinny Tan Body Mousse Review

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