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Comprehensive review of TanWise Self-Tanning DHA Boost Drops. See what real experts and actual users have to say about this self tanning product.

TanWise Self-Tanning DHA Boost Drops ReviewProduct Name:  TanWise Self-Tanning DHA Boost Drops

Overall Rating:  Self Tanning Rating 1/5

Product Type:  Drops

Size:  2 fl oz

Price:  $11.99

Cost Per Ounce:  $5.99

Where To Buy:  Click Here


Overall Opinion:

There’s not much to cover when it comes to TanWise Self-Tanning DHA Boost Drops. While I’ve used drops you add into your normal moisturizer many times before, this product is a total fail.

Since it’s odorless and lacking a color guard, it incorporates easily into any body lotion or self-tanner of your choosing. This made application super easy!

Unfortunately, this product doesn’t change the color of your skin—period. I also don’t understand why you would add these drops into a self-tanner. Why spend extra money when many self-tanners do an excellent job on their own?

Overall, this product is a waste of money, and I strongly recommend many other products to achieve a tan of any color.

Detailed Opinion:

Look and Feel

TanWise Self-Tanning DHA Boost Drops are clear drops, so they don’t have any color guard to them.

You add the drops to your body lotion or another self-tanning product, and the drops don’t change the feel of the product you’re applying.

That surprised me since you’re adding liquid into a lotion, but my moisturizer felt the exact same when I applied it to my body.


The application is both easy and difficult. On one hand, you can add TanWise Self-Tanning DHA Boost Drops into whatever product you’d like, so that makes application easy.

However, the product doesn’t have a color guard, so there’s no way to ensure you’re covering every spot on your body, or mixing the drops into your chosen product well.

If you choose to mix it into another self-tanner that has a color guard, you might be able to get around this challenging aspect of the application.

Once your body lotion/self-tanner dries, you can dress and go about your day. No need to rinse off the product later, which is nice!

The instructions say to take three full droppers of product and mix it with 4 ounces of body lotion or self-tanner. I definitely didn’t do this step. Instead, I put the body lotion in my hand, added a quarter to half syringe (depending on the surface area I was covering), mixed the product in my hand, and applied it to my body.

Doing it this way, I probably ended up using more than 3 full syringes as they suggest.

I didn’t have a spare container to mix the product in, nor did I want to measure out 4 ounces of product. So their instructions for application are challenging, in my opinion.

Drying Time

The dry time is whatever length your body lotion or self-tanner normally takes to absorb.

Again, despite adding liquid drops into my body moisturizer, it didn’t elongate the moisturizer’s normal dry time.

Smell (Before Application)

TanWise Self-Tanning DHA Boost Drops are completely odorless.

Not only does it not have a self-tanner scent, but it also has no smell at all.

Smell (After Several Hours And The Next Day)

Even after wearing the product for 24 hours before showering again, no odor developed.

I honestly forgot I’d even used the drops until I saw the product sitting on my bathroom counter.

Color Produced

I didn’t see a single change to my complexion after using these self-tanning drops.

No tan developed at all—truly, zero change to my coloring. I’m totally disappointed!

I don’t quite understand why anyone would add these drops into a self-tanner either. Why would you want to spend money on two products when many other self-tanners do a great job on their own?

Truthfully, these seem like a waste of money to me, and I can attest to the fact that they don’t do anything to develop a tan when used with body lotion, so I can’t image it’s any different when mixed with a self-tanner.

How Long It Lasts

Since I didn’t see any change to my coloring, I’d have to say that the tan lasted 0 days.

It also didn’t mention anything about needing to use TanWise Self-Tanning DHA Boost Drops multiple days in a row, so I have no reason to think the color would change by using this again.

OK For Men?

No. This product isn’t good for anyone since it doesn’t tan your skin.


TanWise Self-Tanning DHA Boost Drops are very affordable, and can be purchased at most major beauty stores. However, they’re definitely not worth the money.

Since they don’t change the appearance of your skin, you’re simply wasting your money by purchasing this product.

Where To Buy

To buy TanWise Self-Tanning DHA Boost Drops, Click Here.

TanWise Self-Tanning DHA Boost Drops: Summary

Factor TanWise Self-Tanning DHA Boost Drops
Overall Rating Self Tanning Rating 1/5
Look and Feel Clear drops so no color guard. Doesn’t change the feel of the product being applied or how long the product takes to absorb
Application Apply half syringe of tanning drops to body moisturizer. Mix and apply to body. Wait until product is absorbed to dress
Drying Time Immediate. Takes the same length of time as body lotion normally takes to dry
Smell (Before) Odorless. Smells exactly like my lotion normally smells when applied
Smell (After) Odorless. I almost forgot I’d even applied the product
Color Produced No change to the color of my skin post-application
How Long It Lasts 0 days
OK For Men? No—not good for anyone
Price Very affordable but not worth the money since it doesn’t deliver any results
Where To Buy Click Here

TanWise Self-Tanning DHA Boost Drops Review

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