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Comprehensive review of Vita Liberata 10 Minute Tan. See what real experts and actual users have to say about this self tanning product.

Vita Liberata 10 Minute Tan ReviewProduct Name:  Vita Liberata 10 Minute Tan

Overall Rating:  Self Tanning Rating 1/5

Product Type:  Lotion

Size:  5.07 oz

Price:  $39.00

Cost Per Ounce:  $7.69

Where To Buy:  Click Here

Top 10 Ingredients:  Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera) Leaf Water*, Dihydroxyacetone***, Glycerin*, Cetearyl Alcohol, Cetyl Alcohol, Glyceryl Stearate, Panthenol**, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter (Beurre)**, Diethylhexyl Sodium Sulfosuccinate

Overall Opinion:

While this product seems very groundbreaking and exciting, it really let me down in the tan department.  I ended up ranking it 1 out of 5 stars; I was that disappointed in it.

I love the idea of having to keep a self tanner on for only 10 minutes.  But this product just didn’t work.  I don’t think 10-20 minutes is enough time for the DHA to penetrate your skin cells.

I left the tanner on for 20 minutes to get a darker tan, and I still had ZERO tan the next day.  I was so let down.  I also read many reviews online that said the same thing.  It seems the only people whom this product works for are extremely pale.  And even then they only got about one shade darker.

Vita Liberata claims your tan will last 5 days, which just simply wasn’t true in my case.

The product is also sticky, smelly, and very expensive.

So needless to say, I didn’t like Vita Liberata 10 Minute Tan or the results (or lack thereof) it produced.

Detailed Opinion:

Look and Feel

This is a thick, caramel colored lotion.  It’s one of the thickest, stickiest lotions I’ve seen.


The texture of this self tanner makes it difficult to apply.  It’s very thick and sticky which makes it really hard to blend it.  It’s kinda like trying to rub glue or caramel all over your body.

The caramel color acts like a light guide, so you can see where you’re applying it.

My main issue with applying it was how difficult it is to blend in.

I’d recommend using a tanning mitt, so you don’t stain your palms when applying.

Drying Time

Well, you only need to leave this product on for 10-20 minutes, which is nice.  But the whole 20 minutes I had it on, I felt really tacky and sticky all over my body.

Smell (Before Application)

Vita Liberata 10 Minute Tan smells like pure DHA.  This is how old-school self tanners used to smell, and let me tell you, it ain’t good.

Maybe they thought they could forego any pleasant smell since you only keep the tanner on for 20 minutes.

Smell (After Several Hours And The Next Day)

After 20 minutes, I showered the lotion off and I couldn’t smell much.  But by the next morning, I started to smell some DHA again, although not as strong as the night before.

Color Produced

So, this product is a little different than your average self tanner.

The directions say to leave it on 10-20 minutes (the longer you leave it on, the darker your tan will be), then shower it off.  Your tan will then develop over the next 4-6 hours.

I chose to leave the product on my skin for 20 minutes to see how dark I could get my tan.  I then showered it off and pat my skin dry.  After that, I went to bed as usual.

The next morning I woke up and had zero tan at all.  I actually forgot I used a self tanner until I saw the bottle sitting in my bathroom.  (My tan was THAT light.)  I was just as pale as I was the day before.

Now, this product doesn’t claim to give a dark tan.  But it does claim you’ll get a medium shade tan, which was definitely false in my case.

I was really disappointed that I didn’t see any color at all from Vita Liberata Ten Minute Tan.

How Long It Lasts

Well I didn’t have a tan to gauge how long it lasts.  But if you wind up getting any color from this one, it will be minimal and probably won’t last very long.

OK For Men?

No, I don’t think men will like the lack of color.


Vita Liberata 10 Minute Tan is $39.00 per bottle, which is SO expensive!

Where To Buy

To buy Vita Liberata 10 Minute Tan, Click Here.

Vita Liberata 10 Minute Tan: Summary

Factor Vita Liberata 10 Minute Tan
Overall Rating Self Tanning Rating 1/5
Look and Feel This is a thick, sticky lotion that looks like caramel.
Application Applying is hard because the product doesn’t blend in easily.
Drying Time It never dried in the 20 minutes I had it on.
Smell (Before) Smells very strong like DHA.
Smell (After) The next morning, I could smell some DHA.
Color Produced I got literally no tan.
How Long It Lasts Didn’t have a tan to fade.
OK For Men? No, I don’t think so.
Price It’s $7.69 per ounce which is very pricey.
Where To Buy Click Here

Vita Liberata 10 Minute Tan Review

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