8 Ways To Remove Self Tanner (without breaking the bank)!

Remove Self TannerI think pretty much everyone agrees that self tanning is the best invention since sliced bread.

It’s quick, easy, safe and works amazingly well at providing a natural-looking, beautiful tan.

But what happens when you make that inevitable mistake when applying it and you wake up the next day with a splotch here or a streak there?

Well fear not…

Here a few different ideas on what you can do to remove self tanner.  And the best part is, most of these are very inexpensive and easy to do!

Exfoliate With A Body Scrub

This is probably the best method, and least harmful to your skin!  You can use an exfoliator right in the shower (this one is our favorite).  You simply apply soem to a washcloth or exfoliating mitt, and then use circular motions to scrub away the tanner.  Exfoliation is the key to stunning skin and will create a youthful appearance, as well as getting rid of any offensive streaks or spots.

Lemon Juice

This one works ok for small blemishes like those on your hands or feet.  Just dab your skin with a cotton ball or cotton pad that has been soaked in lemon juice.  This is particularly useful when you have just a few spots of self tanner to lift away.  You can buy little bottles of lemon juice at the grocery store.

White Vinegar

What can’t white vinegar do?  It can be used in cooking, cleaning and in your beauty regimen in a wide variety of ways.  It’s awesome for so many purposes that you should keep a huge jug on hand at all times.  It only costs a couple of bucks and you will find yourself using it all of the time.  With that said, if you need to remove self tanner with it, you should try rubbing vinegar on, letting it sit for 10 minutes or so and then rinsing it off with water.

Baking Soda

This is pretty simple.  Make yourself a body scrub of water and baking soda and get to work exfoliating away the orange!  This doesn’t work too well, but we had to list it.

Baby Oil

This one’s for major mistakes where you need to reduce your color over a large area.  To make it work, lather up with some baby oil and let it sit for 10-15 minutes, then hop in a hot bath to rinse away the self tanner.  It smells good and will leave your skin soft and supple.

Baby Wipes

Not all baby wipes work, but some do and they will smell more pleasant and be easier to use than, say, vinegar or nail polish remover.  Only use these on very small areas.  And donlt rub too hard or you’ll damage your skin.

Rubbing Alcohol or Acetone

Yes, this may not be your first choice… as both of these products smell… well… kind of stinky.  These products can also be harsh on your skin as well (so we’d only recommend them in a pinch).

Use these in the same way that you would use vinegar or baby oil.  Rub it on, let it sit for a minute or two and then rinse it off.  You can also put it on a tissue or cotton ball and gently rub the area that has the self tanner you want removed.


This is another one we wouldnlt recommend, but we’ve seen it a few places on the internet.  Be sure and use whitening toothpaste if you’re going to go this route.  Rub it on, let it sit and then rinse it and the self tanner away!

So there you have it…

Self tanner is awesome, but once in awhile we all make mistakes when applying it.

This is a small price to pay for saving our skin from the dangers of the sun and wrinkling.

With these tips, you’ll be confident knowing you look tanned and fabulous, and can fix those little annoying spots and streaks we all get from time to time!

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